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Embodied movement Immersion 

28th of September | 6-8:30pm



This beautiful 2.5h Embodied Movement immersion is an invitation to reconnect with our Heart, look inward and find the joy in simply Being alive, being here... 

Celebrating sacredness in the mundane, breathing ourselves into the truest existence through the space of the Heart.

An evening of nurture and self-love.

We will first explore the Heart as an organ, from the anatomical and embryological perspective before divining into 2h exploration of its felt sense, the relationship between the Heart and other parts of the body and even our own voice!

This special offering invites us to commit to  the relationship with and for ourselves. It's a love song from your heart to your heart, a prayer of loving kindness, a chance to slow down and discover your authentic Self.


We will dive into the world of Somatics, Embodied Yin™, Authentic Flow™, Sound, Free movement deep meditation.

Can't wait to see you x



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