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A journey of self-exploration, and re-membering with Jenny Roche & Alex Zalewska

14-16th July, 2023

Prices from £500

The heart is the master of flow, the governess of the fire within.


The season of summer offers the opportunity to open up to the wisdom of the fire within. 

To listen to the beginnings that are being called to be birth; to the endings that are wanting to be left to cinder in ash.


This July we connect to the wisdom of Fire through two days of embodied practices. 


Come and explore the spark &  flare

of your innate authentic expression.

Simply. Intuitively. Freely


When you move, everything moves. We are born in flow, we are
movement and the movement we are will inform the movement we
do on and off the mat. As we consciously find this arising of Truth we
also support more complex, self-regulatory and healing processes in

the bodymind.



Maintaining the perspective of Non-Dual Tantra, we maintain a listening and active curiosity of the inner and the outer experience through every part of the body-heart-mind.

State of Being


Throughout the weekend, we will explore tools and pathways for sensing and recognizing the clarity of here-ness, safety, home, and rapture. In keeping with Non-Dual Tantra, the goal is simply to engage with direct sensory experience of the Now/You, arising as You/Now.

       What is included?

  • Daily meditations

  • 2 Somatic Movement practices daily

  • Sound Bath

  • Ecstatic Shamanic Dance

  • Kirtans / Mantra chanting circles

  • 2 wholesome, vegan meals a day + lunchtime snack (from The Mindful Kitchen)

  • Group coaching sessions including 1:1 movement therapy + Myofascial Release Therapy

  • Guided nature walks


*All guests will have access to the beautiful grounds of St Marks Stay, fire pit and acres of beautiful nature at their fingertips

What's not included?

As well as group practices, there will be 1:1 private Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy with Jenny Roche and Myofsscial Release Therapy with Alex Zalewska. Those sessions will be available at additional cost.


Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy, IBMT, is a holistic approach to Somatic Movement Education and Therapy based on principles of Body-Mind Centering®, Authentic Movement and Somatic Psychology. Jenny Will also offer Chinese Medicine psychology mapping on a 1:1 basis, to help you unlock which element most resonates with you, and how to harness this element to unlock and awaken potential.


Alex will be offering 1:1 Myofascial release practices that will help you release tension on both physical and emotional levels. Using therapy balls, MFR allows us to access layers of connective tissue, fascia, that have become stuck, preventing Prana or Qi to move freely. Unlock mobility, pain patterns and open the gateway to the subtle energy body using the myofascial meridian maps.

Why is it for me?

Offering you the space to re-connect with yourself, on a cellular level, through the lineage of Tantra and the element of fire (TMC).  A weekend of listening to the whispers that summer and the element of fire have to share that are related to you and your life right now. 


Embodied Awakening is a journey of self-exploration and of shining your light on THE FIRE of your heart’s honest authenticity. Learning to embody your authentic expression and re-member your body as nature, within a space and container where you are held in love with like-minded explorers.