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Autumn Yin immersion

Thursday 12th November 7-9pm Online


With an open heart I invite you for two hours of magic. Yes, I say magic because when we truly connect with our deepest self in stillness and kindness, the magic really happens. 

Autumn in a perfect time to relish in the beauty of being home, slowing down, paying attention...We spend our lives rushing, running, achieving, always needing more, always wanting more and never really being satisfied with what we already have. In Yin Yoga, we meet in stillness, acceptance and loving bravery. It takes courage to open the dusty boxes of our minds, to look inside and acknowledge what's really happening underneath the surface...

I designed this Yin immersion for anyone whose heart is ready to receive, to enquire and to face the most sacred whispers of our body and soul - Join us! 

We will begin with a beautiful meditation, created with intention of RELEASING what doesn't serve us and INVITING what we wish was present in our lives. Making space in our heart for new energy, new life, new love. Bring a pen and paper as we will journal a little too.

We will then journey into the land of stillness, surrender and softness, allowing the body to open naturally, without forcing anything. Working with the elements of Earth and Air, closely linked to our emotions, grounding, stability, love, freedom, openness and confidence. I really believe that Yin can be such a powerful tool in dealing with stress, anxiety and physical and emotional pain. Bring a blanket, warm jumper, candles and oils and let's connect in the beauty of stillness, self-love and care x

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