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Heart to Soul Yoga


"Alex has been my amazing, inspirational yoga teacher for about 5 months now. Alex's yoga classes are wonderfully varied, she offers choices - variety of poses for every level or just for however you're feeling in that exact moment. I love that she also empowers you to challenge yourself - new pose or new way of thinking about things. Alex's sessions make me feel great - they are complete mindfulness. They've really helped me through lockdown - not just physical side but also my mental well being. I'm incredibly thankful that 2/3 time a week we can get on mat and practice with Alex ! "



"We love the whole vibe of Alex's yoga sessions; no pressure, just sheer pleasure as she guides you gently into the poses. All accompanied with beautiful playlist Alex complies herself."

Ray & Marie

"Alex is an amazing teacher; she’s compassionate, gentle, mindful and a tad kooky…! Her Monday morning Heart to Soul Vinyasa class is so beautiful and yummy, it’s the perfect start to the week. She encourages you to move in a way that feels intuitive and right for YOU rather than push your body into “perfect yoga poses”. She makes the most amazing playlists to go with the classes, offers some wisdom along the way, and if you’re lucky, her dog Poppy will make a guest appearance!"


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