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The Miracle of You

Yin Yoga immersion

25th February 7-9pm


Are you finding it hard to allow yourself to slow down, to be still even for just a moment?

Do you struggle with appreciating yourself and all that you do and achieve each day? Not acknowledging your own strengths, demanding from yourself too much, too quickly?

Is it easier for you to appreciate and credit others?

Are you conscious that through the practice of Yoga we can gradually begin to change the internal narrative and the language we use to speak to ourselves? that Yoga helps us claim back the power to change our inner worlds, become aware of our true uniqueness?

Open your eyes to The Miracle of You. Notice and fully embrace the incredible beauty and power hidden in your heart and soul...

You have everything you need, darling...nothing is lacking.

I invite you for 2h of pure Yin Yoga bliss. Together we will create a safe and sacred space filled with love and compassion. 

During The Miracle of You we will embark on a journey through meditation, journaling and an extended Yin Yoga practice inspired by the elements of nature. It will be an opportunity to celebrate ourselves, our place on this magical Earth and honour whatever it is we're carrying in our hearts.

Don't miss it! Join me x

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