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An evening of introspection, softening and self-love

11th January 6-7:30pm
At Chorlton Health Hub

With gratitude in my heart, I invite you for a beautiful journey deep into ourselves. An evening of softening, releasing and profound introspection.

Winter Embodied Yin Immersion invites you to open your heart to all that lies ahead of us and release what no longer serves us as we're saying goodbye to this year and are about to enter a new chapter...

We will embark on a journey through our inner landscapes, tapping into the very essence of who we really and what we need in order to end this year with more space in our hearts, ready to receive. 

I think now, more than ever, finding gratitude for all that we have in our lives is so, so important and establishing a deeper sense of belonging and connection to ourselves has never been more significant. If you're searching for more love, acceptance, sense of purpose and calm, you're in the right place x

Join me on the mat at Chorlton Health Hub in practice of self love x

Ps. Spaces are super limited to book your spot now x


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